Goodbye Fulgencia!

July 3,  2014

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At Home With Fulgencia & Her Family

Fulgencia and her family

Fulgencia and her family


Fulgencia’s mother wearing traditional skirt and “Cinta”


My days at Fulgencia’s house are gone….twelve days have already passed!
Time passes very quickly and there are just so many experiences to tell.

Fulgencia's house

Fulgencia’s house

Simple things like bathing on the river, walking on the mountains, or picking shiny stones on the road are part of my everyday life.


shiny stones from the river

shiny stones from the river


Women carrying baskets on their heads


 Last week I attended to a memorial, they were celebrating a year of someone’s death. It was a very interesting and overwhelming experience.

A mix between the catholic religion and the Mayan traditions.

The celebration was taking place in someone’s house, they women spent all morning preparing “tamales” (traditional food made of corn and pork) and “tortillas”.


women making “tamales”

At noon, the ceremony started, there was an old man in charge of it.

when the ceremony started

when the ceremony started

It was just amazing to see them praying in achí (a Mayan dialect) with candles on their hands, in a very devoted way!


Alter with candles, flowers and pictures of the deceased

We were there all day long, with prayers each three hours.

People kept coming with flowers for the death man, and they all went away with “tamales” (that’s the tradition).

praying outside

praying outside

The most overwhelming experience happened that night, when they were praying in the dark with candles on their hands. And at the same time there was a sick woman on the other room, so some of them were praying while the other ones were all worried looking for plants and alcohol to heal her.

people praying

people praying

It was just too much for me!

The next day Fulgencia told me the woman almost died, but at the end she got better.

My next blog will get us all back to work and dyeing, what I feel most comfortable doing! This certainly was an interesting cultural experience like I’ve never had before.

See you soon!

Wilaa Wiim   (good bye in achí)



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