The beginning of the adventure…

June 19th, 2014

Versión en español

Arrival to Guatemala

“This is going to be much more of an adventure than you thought it would be….”

It was the first thing Deborah told me when she picked me at the airport last Sunday morning.

The reason? Actually, I didn’t have a place to stay for my next two months in San Rafael. Normally, I was supposed to be staying in an empty house next to Elvira’s. It was her uncle’s house.

But for some reason I couldn’t stay there anymore.

I was shocked!  So we were just hoping for the best, hoping we would be able to find something when we arrive.

I stayed in Guatemala City for two days, meeting people, learning how to wind balls, how to measure them, and other interesting things in the “Mayan Hands” office.  It was great!


View from Deborah’s house

On the road!

On Tuesday morning, Deborah and I left Guatemala City. It was an entertaining 4 hours drive.

I was just so impressed by how the landscape changed compared to last time I was here. The rainy season has arrived, so now everything is just like so GREEN! Breathtaking!



Rabinal from the distance


I was a little bit nervous… I really had no clue of how I would be spending my time and where I would be living the next couple of months. We had some clues of people who could be able to help us find a place for me to stay. So when we arrived to Rabinal we started looking.

But imagine our surprise when we found out that the women from San Rafael already had the answer! Gilberta told us that the women, the five of them, would be taking turns to host me, which means I will be staying a week or more with each one of them, at their home.

I’m just very excited! I’m going to be able to really meet the women, and see how they live. I can’t think of a better way to spend these two months!


San Rafael, Guatemala

 Dance and color!

There’s a festival going on right now in Rabinal, so we had the chance to see a lot of traditional dances, kids performing with traditional costumes and masks, a Mayan ceremony, a parade, and of course we drank the traditional beverage called “chilate” (made out of corn and chocolate)

Colors are everywhere! And it’s just amazing to see the mix between the Mayan traditions and the catholic ones.




Kids wearing traditional costumes


Mayan ceremony


Women selling “chilate” (traditional beverage)





At the end of the ceremony, the queen of the festival said some words in Achí ( a Mayan dialect) and in Spanish. With reverence,she said:                                                                                                                                                                           “Corazón del cielo, Corazón de la tierra” (Heart of heaven, heart of earth)

What a wonderful phrase I think!

I can’t find a better phrase to start my journey with.

Coming next!

Tomorrow I will be going to Fulgencia’s house. She will be the first one to receive me. I can’t wait to get there and tell you more about my adventures…

Don’t miss the next post next week.                                                                                                                                                                  Until next time!



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